Service Dog Training Institute September 2021 Newsletter     

SDTI September 2021 Newsletter


New Web-Class from SDTI.....

Autumn is approaching fast and it’s back to school or work time for many people.  The scent of autumn has been in the air since August 3 for me this year! The warm days and crisp nights signal a change to spending more time indoors. 

With that comes more close interactions with other people and they of course, want to either prevent you and your dog from accessing retail establishments or interact with your dog. To help you deal with these situations, we are offering our newest class:

Public Access Level 4 Web Cam Discussion Class! 

When working in public, service dog handlers are confronted with many different situations that they are not trained to deal with. Join us for our new structured live web cam discussion class to find out general public protocol specific to retail and restaurants.  Discover how to be a good service dog ambassador while maintaining your rights as a person with disabilities. 

Registration opens Sept 3 at noon Pacific time. Spaces are limited. 


Blog post:  Live Animal Distraction Training

If your dog is distracted by the presence of other animals, we offer a structured process to work through that to help your dog learn to perform behaviours in the presence of the distraction.

For more other related posts, look at the bottom of the blog page. 

Live Animal Distraction (distraction 1.3) ]


Here is a new audio file Donna created of 4 barking dogs that you can use for the sound process above. 


Desensitization to Dogs Barking Audio



Prices are going up $5 per level, which includes the school bundle, which is now available for CA$440.


See you soon!  

Sign up for the following classes this month! 


Registration Open Now! 

Single class (self-study only) is CDN$40 (~ US$32).

Two-level class bundles (self-study only) CDN$75 (~ US$59)
Three-level class bundle (self-study only) CDN$105 (~ US$82)

CDN$440 (~ US$342) for the self-study SDTI school class bundle special!   

 3 x 30 min. private webcam coaching sessions are CDN$125 (~ US$98)
Purchase webcam sessions here.

1 hour private webcam consultation session with Donna Hill 
CDN$75 (~ US$59)
Purchase webcam consultation here.

Register in the Course Catalogue 


 SDTI Classes for September  


Service Puppy

Foundation Skills 1-3

Loose Leash Walking 1-3

Head Halters

Settle/Relax 1-2

Harnesses & Vests

Public Access Levels 1-4

Service Dog Retrieve 1-2

Anxiety Tasks

Wheelchair-Loose Leash Walking 1-2

Stress and the Service Dog webinar

Tricks for Service Dogs - Body Awareness       


Course Catalogue


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