Service Dog Training Institute August 2021 Newsletter     

SDTI August 2021 Newsletter

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How you train is as important as what you train!  Check out some examples that may apply to you!

Help! What I Was Told to Do Isn’t Working! ]



A service dog that learns to generalize early is an easy dog to train later on! 



We are now hosting Student Discussion Forums on our website. Many people have told us that they prefer not to have to sign up for an outside social media so we have listened.  You will need to have a student account to access these forums.  

We are also offering FREE weekly 30 min group zoom sessions for anyone registered in our Service Puppy and Foundation Skills classes. Check the Discussion Forum for current does and times. 

There is also a school-wide forum for general discussion.  

Also, check out the fun poll on the front page of our website! 


See you soon! 

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Sign up for the following classes this month! 


Registration Open Now! 

Single class (self-study only) is CDN$35 (~ US$29).

Two-level class bundles (self-study only) CDN$65 (~ US$52)
Three-level class bundle (self-study only) CDN$90 (~ US$72)

CDN$380 (~ US$305) for the self-study SDTI school class bundle special!   

 3 x 30 min. private webcam coaching sessions are CDN$120 (~ US$96)
Purchase webcam sessions here.

1 hours private webcam consultation session with Donna Hill 
CDN$65 (~ US$52)
Purchase webcam consultation here.

Register in the Course Catalogue 


 SDTI Classes for August  


Service Puppy

Foundation Skills 1-3

Loose Leash Walking 1-3

Head Halters

Settle/Relax 1-2

Harnesses & Vests

Public Access Levels 1-3

Service Dog Retrieve 1-2

Anxiety Tasks

Wheelchair-Loose Leash Walking 1-2

Stress and the Service Dog webinar

Tricks for Service Dogs - Body Awareness       


Course Catalogue


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