Service Dog Training Institute July 2021 Newsletter     

SDTI July 2021 Newsletter

New Blog Post:  Are You Sticking with the Program? 

Straying occasionally to teach other activities is fine to add variety to training but can lead you away from training your service dog!

Stick with the Program ]


 On the Topic of Distractions... 

Here is a video that shows the principle of adding distractions to training your dog. This example just happens to be for scent-based behaviour but the same principle applies to all distractions. Start adding them in early once your dog understands the desired behavior!


We have been busy during the last heat wave on the West Coast redesigning the home page of the SDTI website!

Participate in the survey poll and check out the links!

The class catalogue has been redesigned as well to make it easier to navigate on mobile devices. And we have added related webinars and classes hosted on other platforms. 

 Connecting to Students 

 News!  We have also been experimenting with offering our weekly group class support (for service puppy and foundation skills) on Zoom.

We are now meeting Mondays at 10-10:30am and 10:45-11:15am Pacific Daylight Time. The zoom link can be found on the first page of each class.

Ask class-related questions. Meet other students. Introduce your dogs!  


 Soon to be Released for CEU's 

Donna has been working on a webinar for members of the Canadian Association of Professional Dog Trainers.

It looks at early behaviours that trainers can teach to service dog candidates to get them on the right track as well as behaviours to avoid.

If you are a Canadian pet-dog trainer helping people to train their own assistance dogs, it is a MUST see!


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Registration Open Now! 

Single class (self-study only) is CDN$35 (~ US$29).

Two-level class bundles (self-study only) CDN$65 (~ US$52)
Three-level class bundle (self-study only) CDN$90 (~ US$72)

CDN$380 (~ US$310) for the self-study SDTI school class bundle special!   

 3 x 30 min. private webcam coaching sessions are CDN$120 (~ US$95)
Purchase webcam sessions here.

1 hours private webcam consultation session with Donna Hill 
CDN$65 (~ US$52)
Purchase webcam consultation here.

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 SDTI Classes for July  


Service Puppy

Foundation Skills 1-3

Loose Leash Walking 1-3

Head Halters

Settle/Relax 1-2

Harnesses & Vests

Public Access Levels 1-3

Service Dog Retrieve 1-2

Anxiety Tasks

Wheelchair-Loose Leash Walking 1-2

Stress and the Service Dog webinar

Tricks for Service Dogs - Body Awareness       


Course Catalogue


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