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Fast Easy Healthy Dog Training Treats

It can be hard to find good treats to use for training. Here's simple recipe that you can adapt. 

Fast Dog Treats:

Mix together:

  • 4 large eggs 
  • half to 3/4 cup canned pumpkin
  • a splash of milk
  • 1/4 cup flour (rice, potato, wheat or tapioca). 

    (You can substitute different proteins or add flavoring like canned tripe, cooked then ground liver bits, sardine oil or ham drippings to increase the flavor. Have some fun experimenting with what your dog likes!)

Mix all to a pancake consistency (no lumps).
Spread in a silicon waffle tray.
Cook in a microwave for about 3 min.

Makes about 3 cups of non-crumbly treats suitable for 60 lb dogs. They freeze well. 

Use a silicon tray with smaller holes for smaller treats. Silicon pans can also be put in the oven. You can also use the same recipe and spread the batter on a a no-stick pan, then cut the cooked pancake into small squares. 

treats on a red silicon pan



















Here is a video that summarizes the steps.