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Airline Travel in Canada

Traveling by air is advanced training for service dogs. It has higher requirements than working in public. You need a dog with steady nerves and accomplished in public access. 

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 Completion of our “Foundation Concepts” program plus “Public Access” or equivalent with permission.

  • 60 min ‘get to know you’ web cam session to identify tasks and see if your dog is ready
  • 60-90 minute in-person Public Access Assessment to make sure your dog is safe in public
  • 6 x 60 min in-person trainer trains the dog for tasks that mitigate your specific disability
  • copy of training notes
  • video links for recorded sessions

Here is our blog post about preparing a dog for air travel.

It may take longer than 6 sessions to train some medical tasks, depending on what they are and how quickly your dog learns and generalizes them. Each dog and handler are assessed and there is no guarantee that the letter will be written if the dog is unsuitable for air travel (due to fear, aggression, previous bite history, sound sensitivity, fearful of small spaces etc.), even if she/he learns the tasks and has already been provincially certified as a service dog!  

On successful completion, SDTI will write a letter for airline travel verifying that your dog has trained tasks with a professional service dog trainer which the handler submits to the airline. Dogs trained with us have been accepted by airlines such as West Jet and Air Canada.

Contact us to check our availability, find out the cost and to book your package.

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