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Anxiety Tasks

(self-study class only)

(3x30 min web cam consults available for extra purchase)

Class goals:

Your dog learns how to do an anxiety alert or self-harm interruption for any stress sign you choose. 

He will also learn how to:

  • do a nose poke or nudge as alert behavior
  • do a chin rest as alert behavior
  • apply deep pressure therapy (squeeze-box effect) in 2 positions (sitting, laying down)
  • physically block you from other people or stressors (give space between you and people in front or behind you in a line-up for example)
  • pull forward in a light mobility harness
  • find and lead you to an exit (The class gets you a good start on this behavior but it will take longer than a month to teach and generalize the various aspects of this challenging task.)

Over 100 step by step videos and a training checklist are included in this class.
This class is suitable for owner-trainers and professional trainers wanting to learn how to train the tasks for a person with a disability.

 All lectures and training lessons are read by the instructor. Over 3.25 hours of audio. Ideal for anyone who learns better by listening!

Bonus Materials: 10 Techniques how to use your service dog or SDit to ground you before or when anxiety or panic hits.

This class builds on knowledge from the Foundations classes for both dog and handler so it is highly recommended that you have taken them before this class or have a strong understanding of the principles of marker-based training and techniques for teaching basic body awareness.

These specific behaviors are needed:
*following a nose target 2 feet
*adding a cue
*paw target from 20 feet
*staying with the handler as the team moves through a doorway and outside. Here's a video on how to train this.
*settling on a mat
*know how to generalize a behavior to public places

*curling up (put chin on hip)
*laying on his side
*backing up in heel position 5 steps


Note: This class is NOT included in part of the school bundle for $380.

Students of this class have access to the material for 2 years starting from the date of purchase. Starting the first Wednesday of each month, for 3 weeks, the instructor will answer your questions Monday through Friday, each month for the duration of the 2-year period.  NOTE: There are no refunds for classes. Please read the course descriptions carefully before registering.

Duration: 2 years
Price: CDN$40.00


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