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Are you a senior 55 years and older?

Do you or a family member have a dog and:

  • arthritis, rheumatism or severe osteoporosis
  • hearing loss
  • heart issues
  • diabetes
  • moving more slowly
  • drop things
  • mobility challenges
  • balance issues
  • migraines
  • a family member with progressing Alzheimer’s

senior woman with walker and service dog

Are you:

  • self-motivated?
  • looking for a meaningful project?
  • want to keep mentally and physically active?

We can you help yourself!
By helping you to train your own assistance dog or one for a family member! All at home!
Start with the dog you have.

At home learning means:

  • no travel to classes
  • personalized learning
  • using training resources found at home
  • lower cost
  • at a time of day that works for you
  • staying healthy and safe.

About us:
Patient mature instructors who are in the same life stage as yourself understand the challenges of general living like wearing bifocals, knee issues, reduced hand strength or other daily challenges. We have personal and professional experience with people up to 95 years of age, mobility issues, hearing deficits, heart issues, migraines, strokes, Alzheimer’s, debilitating levels of osteoporosis and arthritis, etc. We also know you bring life experience that can be transferred to training your own service dog!

Train tasks for at home and away from home use:

  • hand-delivered retrieve for small dropped items to large items like walkers and wheelchairs
  • loading and unloading laundry
  • pulling objects like laundry basket
  • opening doors and shutting doors
  • alerts to specific sounds (phone, smoke detector, someone calling your name etc)
  • medication/injection reminder alerts
  • lead you home or to your car
  • alert an Alzheimer caregiver you are on the move
  • get help

and so much more! If your dog can physically do a task, then we can help you train it.

We can also help you assess if your dog has the temperament to work in public places.

Whether you need help around the house or to take your dog into public places, we can help make this a fun, positive activity for you and your dog!

Our program may work for you if:

  • you are a self-motivated problem-solver
  • you have good communication skills (verbal or typing)
  • have access to high speed internet or fibre optic internet
  • know how or can get ongoing help to set up and maintain the computer (or other device like iPad or cell phone)
  • have a good understanding on how to use your computer and the internet
  • have a working web cam on your computer or device
  • have the funds to pay for self-paced online classes and coaching sessions (starting point is about CA$330 for a 3 level class and 6 x 30 minute private sessions).

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to set up a FREE private 30 min phone, Zoom, Facebook voice or video web chat (or Skype, or FaceTime) to find out if online service dog training will work for you.