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Registration Discounted School Bundle Special

This option allows you to purchase the following SDTI core courses at one time:  

Foundation Skills - Level 1

Foundation Skills - Level 2
Foundation Skills - Level 3
Loose Leash Walking - Level 1
Loose Leash Walking - Level 2
Loose Leash Walking - Level 3
Settle/Relax - Level 1
Settle/Relax - Level 2
Tricks for Service Dogs - Body Awareness
Public Access - Level 1
Public Access - Level 2
Public Access - Level 3

Stress and the Service Dog Webinar 

This is a C$505 value.
Sign up now and get all of them for only CDN$440!

Note: This package DOES NOT include Service Puppy, Anxiety Tasks, Wheelchair Skills, Head Halters, Harnesses & Vests, S.D. Retrieve, Dog as a Second Language classes or Play Your Way to a Great Recall webinar. They can be purchased separately as needed.


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