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Practical Puppy Preparation
(for Future Service Dogs)
Level 2 

(6 x 30 minute group webcam class)

This class continues on from level 1. Your puppy is a bit older and you will have different issues popping up. 

Join us for this live twice weekly small group webcam-based class! 6 sessions over 3 weeks.

Topics covered: 

  • food/feeding
  • training treats
  • toxins
  • dealing with unwanted behaviors
  • using your yard for socialization
  • exercise
  • elevation changes
  • preventing separation anxiety
  • car rides
  • environmental enrichment
  • grooming/grooming tools

There will be daily homework assigned.

Maximum no. of students:   4

Cost: CDN$120 (or ~US$88)

Date and time:  TBA

Prerequisite:  Must have taken Level 1

Registration closes one hour before the webcam class. 


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